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Your Life Manual:
Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness

What the cover image symbolizes:

The tree with exposed roots on the cover of this book
symbolizes a balanced, stable existence.

A good foundation, like a solid root structure,
permits and encourages steady, safe growth.

F reestanding, fixed objects must have a foundation in order to remain upright for any appreciable time. Skyscrapers have them, trees have them, even the smallest plant has them. The forces that act to destroy a structure determine the degree of support required of that foundation.


Animated creatures (like humans) cannot be tethered in one place, so physical foundations are impractical. Nature, anticipating the need for survival and protection endowed early (and most modern) creatures with instincts that kick in to protect their survival, thereby perpetuating the species.

We humans evolved still further. In most cases, our base instincts are superfluous today. Living in the developed world, we generally have enough food and sleep. We are able to procreate easily. We are safe. Most of Earth’s dangers are no longer a factor in our lives.

Through the history of humanity, as we developed, and as the need for instinct diminished, superstition, religious teaching, regimented etiquette and chivalry combined to form a new foundation for our forebears.


Today, superstition has all but disappeared, and the influence that religious groups once exerted has waned. Further, the social rules of conduct have all but disappeared as succeeding generations first test, then stretch whatever boundaries are imposed.

There are few remaining structures in place to provide us with a foundation anymore. The survival of any species, whether a plant or a person, requires a foundation as protection against the unexpected forces that will eventually be thrown against it.

With no roots, a tree would fall over with the very first wind. The first rain would wash a flower without roots away. A skyscraper would collapse without a suitable foundation.

For strong, healthy growth, we have to have our own root structure bedded in the solid ground of sound principles.

If we have no foundation upon which to depend for direction, focus, and stability, we have to develop our own.

Without one, we are rudderless.

We will be lost.

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