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Your Life Manual:
Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness

Some Quotes From The Book:

Sprinkled throughout Your Life Manual: Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness, are brief verses, sayings, and quotes which boil down one or more of the ideas and concepts included in adjacent chapters. These have been a source of interest and inspiration to a number of readers, so we include a selection of them here for you to peruse.

A few of the quotes in the book are attributed to other thinkers, however all those shown here are by the author. Hope they strike a chord with you!

You may use or distribute these quotes freely, provided you do not alter them (other than formatting), and cite the source correctly: David Ambrose - Your Life Manual: Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness (

When all is said and done,
we are the product of all
our action and inaction.

The result of all our answers
to all questions.

What do you want?

With no solid foundation,
strength and integrity
is soon undermined.

Built upon a strong foundation,
Sound principles guide us towards fulfilment and happiness.

In life
excess in one area,
leads to excess in others.

The consequence
of equilibrium,
is harmony.

If we cannot be trusted
in what we say and do,
what value can we be.

To anyone or anything?

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, truth is in the mind of the proponent.

Most of what we hold to be true, cannot be proven to be true, and should therefore be treated as no more than conjecture, opinion or belief.

Regardless of the fervor of that belief, it is quite possible for something to be
completely true and self evident to you, yet inconceivable to me.

Whether a baby or an adult, the first steps are the hardest.

But for any journey, any life, those first few steps are essential.

Into the needed unknown; leaving the familiar behind
...the excuses,
...the crutches,
...the justifications.

A vision of the rainbow ahead.

Despite the pain of growing, children feel the most joy.
Treasure those memories.

Reclaim them, guard them, protect and experience them.
Again and again.

Everything in nature is constantly in a state of change.
Nothing stays the same.

We determine the direction of the changes within ourselves.

To grow, flourish and gain peace;
or stagnate and regret.

We decide our own fate, by omission or commission.

One way or another.

Always remember that most people believing something to be true, does not necessarily make it so.

All our emotional pain is caused by our reaction to something.
Control our reaction, and we control our pain.

The need for bulk and brute strength has passed.
The need for compromise and negotiation is here.

The future demands a coordinated, combined effort from us.
Both women and men, sharing strengths, bolstering weaknesses.

As equals.

Freedom is never free.
There is a price to be paid; and that is the price of vigilance.
Freedom has to be guarded, because the greater good is freedom itself.

No discovery or invention in the history of human existence has been achieved without asking simple questions like:

Why? Why not?

knows more about something
than anyone else.

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