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your life manual practical steps to genuine happiness

Your Life Manual:
Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness

by David Ambrose

We all have just one overwhelming desire

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Whether you just want to understand why you feel the way you do about things; or whether you are on a quest for the happiness you desire and deserve, this book is designed for you. Read what the reviewers are saying about it, browse through the site, and make the choice to be happy and improve your life. Personal development is your responsibility.


Think about it ... every single thing we do has a single purpose: to make us happier. And yet sometimes we get diverted, led astray, and do things that actually move us away from this dream. Your Life Manual: Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness first illustrates how this happens, then describes specific, practical techniques and actions anyone can take to get back on track and on the path to genuine happiness.

We ALL have the potential for happiness, and we all deserve to be happy. We make millions of choices throughout our lives, and the net result of all these choices combined, determines our level of true happiness. Make the right choices, and happiness is yours.
There is no gene or DNA marker that determines who will be happy and who will not.


It is likely that the journey of discovery and personal development you begin with the help of this book will uncover the real you. The happy person you are meant to be, rather than the person other people think you should be. Your objective is your own happiness. Only you know what that means for you ... you help yourself and experience the reward of wellbeing and genuine happiness. If you are happy and leading a fulfilling life, those around you will be happier too!

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why not be happy pictureHappiness is a right; but as with any search, we have to make a decision to get started. And this is true in the pursuit of happiness too.

We all long for the glow of wellbeing that true happiness delivers, and are nurtured by a foundation, or philosophy which predisposes us to stability and lifelong joy.
Your Life Manual: Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness not only provides detailed explanations, discussion, and methods of achieving happiness; it does so in an absorbing, easily readable style; with the added option of the author's audio guides.

Even if you merely wish to read it (although we suggest you work at it) you will find insights and ideas that may never have occurred to you before. You will begin to realize, not only why you do the things you do, but why others do those things they do too.

"...offering an insightful understanding of life and its true pursuit ...Your Life Manual is ideal for anyone searching for a more productive and meaningful philosophy for themselves."
- Midwest Book Review

"David Ambrose does a beautiful job of giving you what you have always wanted, a roadmap to a more fulfilling and happy life."
- Calvin D. Banyan M.A.
Author of "The Secret Language of Feelings".

Listen to David being interviewed by Dave Graham of The Beach FM88.5
about this book and "Five Things You Need To Know About Happiness"
(which is a free download from this site)
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