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David spills the beans on his little childhood secret

Your Life Manual:
Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness

About The Author


David Ambrose began asking questions about the inconsistencies that he saw around him as a teenager. A keen observer of human nature, he was fascinated by the process of motivation: why we do the things we do, and why we do not do the things we don't.

Having experience in fields as varied as accounting, information technology, design, counseling, alternative healing, hypnotherapy and philosophical study; David has found elements in each, to lead him closer to his understanding of the philosophy and practice of life.

With the publication of the first web site based on his philosophy for life in 1995, David discovered far greater interest in his beliefs and the reasons behind them than he expected. This philosophy now has supporters in over twenty countries.

This interest led David to being a guest on radio and TV shows, having several articles published, speaking engagements and now writing this book.

After living through most of the apartheid era in South Africa, and witnessing the dawn of democracy there, David moved to Canada with his wife Melanie in 2004—the realization of a lifelong desire for them both.

They now live in Calgary, Alberta with their two dogs, Egg and Kappy.

David Ambrose

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The concept of "Ubuntu" can be a key component in the achievement of Genuine Happiness -

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