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Your Life Manual:
Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness

Other Relevant Sites:

There are naturally (and fortunately) a multitude of sites on the web that provide good, positive insights and different points of view on issues and factors related to the achievement of Genuine Happiness. Here, we include some of these. We will add sites to the list as and when we find them.

Happiness Minute Sign up for this free, new Happiness Resource: The Happiness Minute. Give me Just 60 Seconds a Plug into the Power Of Happiness! Receive a weekly Audio Postcard for a full year, at no cost to you, other than your normal Internet costs, of course.
Happiness Web A resource for happiness related websites. This site is actively seeking new links to add and thereby build the overall value of the listings, so if you have any suggestions, let them know!
Happiness Life Coach David's new coaching website. If you have ever considered coaching or would like to know more about it, have a browse through this site. And if you are serious about taking on a coach to help you reach your dreams, David offers a free sample session too!
Highly Sensitive People: Sensitive people often feel out of place in society, and suffer because of this; failing to reach their potential. This is an information rich site that offers much for anyone who feels shy, introverted or inhibited. You are not alone.
Project Meditation Download free meditation training & join the fastest growing online meditation community. Project Meditation aims to help one million people to gain the benefits of meditation.
Live Your Best Life An interesting UK site with lots of tips and other gems peppered around. Check out the Inspiration Room and get happy!
Building Self Esteem
Building self esteem and self confidence with tips, free courses, recommended books and lots more!
How To Be Happy This free Happy e-book reveals simple, but profound insights that will help everyone that uses them to live a fulfilled and happy life.
The Happiness Club An organization with the mission to promote the benefits of being happy through meetings, newsletters, and an informative web site - to the people in your community, and around the world.
The Happiness Show An extensive site on the subject of happiness, full of articles and references. Also the home of the cable Happiness Show - including over a hundred episiodes you can watch online.
Worry Busters A site with "Thoughts to Replace Worry with Peace of Mind." Worry, which is one of the most common manifestations of fear, often starts with the fearful thought: "What if...happens?" Wayne says this should become: "So-what, if...happens?" Most of the things we worry about, never actuallty happen.
Learning Meditation An excellent place to start if you are new to meditation. Very useful information and Real Audio tracks you can use for free online to get you going. This site also includes useful links and books.
The Positive Dictionary Positive words have tremendous power to make us more positive in life, to see a bright side in any negative situation and to inspire us to achieve our goals. Dr. Phil Minnaar has written the Positive Dictionary which contains only positive definitions of words we use everyday.
Values Counseling - Return to Freedom Therapy - Discovery - Results - Life. Helpful resources for life and living and values counseling from professional and licensed therapists.

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